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Craft shows, it is that time a year again!

Well it is becoming that time a year again that craft shows are starting to pop up.  I do about 30-40 craft shows, it can get pretty crazy at some of these.

I think the hardest part is picking and choosing which ones to do.  It has taken me about 4 years from experience on what to look for in a show.

Jewelry is in my opinion the hardest thing to sell at craft shows, because there are so many of us.  Yes, we may all do different styles but seeing 6 or 7 booths full of jewelry whether it is direct sales or handmade, it can get frustrating.

I try to keep up with all of the trends and what is fashionable in today’s society.

Keep up with my calendar and you will get to see where I will be and I hope to see you there.


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